RCDC data posted

Just a small note: we’ve posted the data from the RCDC paper on Tableau Public.  Tableau is a Seattle start-up with an awesome data visualization tool that I currently use for all my data graphing needs.  I’ve found that it lets me get to that magical place of data analysis where I can answer questions almost as quickly as I can ask (a future version of Tableau will likely answer questions faster than I can ask, and then I will be out of a job).  Tableau Public provides free data hosting, and a nice interactive web interface to the data.

To moderate that blatant sales pitch, I will add that I actually used Tableau to make all the graphs in the paper.  Making publication-quality graphs is, unfortunately, clearly not what Tableau was designed to do.  It was a somewhat painful process but produced (to my eye) decent results in the end.

For all the graphs in the paper, you can see our exact performance numbers (no more zooming in on the PDF and interpolating with a ruler, as I have occasionally had to do), see the data points behind the averages, and download the data to crunch for yourself.  It’s like we’ve got interactive graphs in our paper (but with one level of indirection).  If you find this useful in some way, shoot me an email or a comment!


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